• A hypermodern mobile laboratory
  • Focusing specifically on students
  • Strengthen data literacy level

The DataBuzz, a collaboration between the research group imec-SMIT-VUB and the Flemish Community Commission (VGC), is a hypermodern mobile laboratory that brings new educational technologies to schools. The DataBuzz complements the efforts of the AI Experience Centre to enable the general public to experience technological solutions and demonstrators developed at the Vrije Universiteit Brussels (VUB) by focusing specifically on students, ages 10 to 18. The primary objective of this mobile lab is to strengthen the data literacy level of students who attend Flemish-speaking schools in one of the 19 municipalities of the Brussels-Capital Region.

Currently, the DataBuzz has five different educational packages on offer. One of them being an introductory class on Artificial Intelligence (AI). This workshop touches upon the historical evolution, central concepts, and underlying mechanisms of AI. Through a succession of hands-on exercises, the students experiment with procedural AI, machine learning, and neural networks. Moreover, the exercises force the students to think about the ethical implications of AI.

The DataBuzz and the AI Experience Centre have teamed up to provide schools the possibility to combine a visit to the centre with the introductory workshop on AI on the bus.