• 8 research groups, 120 researchers
  • Human-centered robotics
  • 30 EU projects over the last 5 years

The Brussels Human Robotics Research Center combines robotics with artificial intelligence and thereby addresses emerging societal issues with technology. BruBotics stands for the collaboration of eight research groups of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) whose goal is to ‘develop Human-Centered Robotic technology that helps our society and improves our quality of life’. As such, BruBotics underlines the AI Experience Centre’s ambition to provide the industry, policymakers, NGOs, researchers, and students with relevant knowledge and expertise in AI to implement and create innovations which are for our society.

BruBotics was funded by the Flemish Industrial Research Fund (IOF) to encourage cross-disciplinary research and overcome the gap between academia, industry, and society. 120 scientists contribute to research on a diverse range of topics which include ageing studies, robotic mechanics, social studies, human physiology, artificial intelligence, neurological revalidation, sensors, and engineering.

Exoskeleton by Brubotics

Cyberleg by Brubotics

The access to a variety of expertise guarantees that their work can exceed traditional robotics research efforts. To promote human-centered robotics they offer services to the industry, governments, and academics, through research collaborations, consulting services, or trainings.

Their world-class research is confirmed with over 50 European H2020 and FP7 projects, an ERC grant, and dozens of Belgian FWO, Brussels Innoviris and Flemish projects running. The research groups have an acclaimed track record in performing top-notch research. The contribution of such interdisciplinary and professionally recognized team ensures that the AI Experience Centre can deliver high-end services to its partners.