If you are a researcher looking to get involved with AI and Robotics related work and grow your network the VUB AI Experience Centre has a variety of offers for you. As the Centre comprises four different research groups, we represent a multidisciplinary body working on AI and Robotics solutions. Our team is dedicated to enable further research to promote human-centred AI. If you wish to find out more don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

Lifelong Learning – Skills and Knowledge Development

Are you or your team looking to learn more about digitalisation and AI innovations? The Lifelong Learning – skills and knowledge development programme is designed to answer demand by offering courses, workshops, deep-dive session with experts, and assistance with the set-up of a Research In Residence Programme. The core research group of the AI Experience Centre, the Artificial Intelligence Lab provides this service. The Lab has a recognized position in the field due to being the first of its kind on European mainland. Ever since then, the group has repeatedly contributed to both education and research.

Test Infrastructure

If you lack the resources to test your innovation in a secure and prepared environment look no further. The AI Experience Centre comprises the experience of four different multidisciplinary research groups thereby providing an excellent infrastructure for testing. Due to our diversity we are capable to welcome a wide range of innovations to ensure its safe deployment.  

Public Seminars & Lectures

Sign up for our regular lectures and seminars to be up-to-date with the latest trends in the field of AI and Robotics. We present a variety of topics within a field ensuring that our audience receive information from many aspects of AI. Additionally, this is also an opportunity to meet professionals of the field and thereby extend your network. Get in touch with us to learn about our next event.

AI Experience Centre as a Venue

The VUB AI Experience Centre is available as a venue for events in the field of AI and Robotics. If you and your team are looking to organise such an event the Centre is an excellent choice. The Centre is home to numerous AI innovation demonstrators which exhibit novel research in the field. Accordingly, this space is a stimulating environment to spark discussion about artificial intelligence.

Become a Partner of the AI Experience Centre

The AI Experience offers now the opportunity to become a partner. The Centre represents various research interest in the field of AI. If your organisation is looking to collaborate on AI and Robotics related research this is a great chance to work together. Get in touch with for more information.